What do your cells say about you?


This is a snapshot of a live blood analysis which provides a picture of a person’s cell quality and overall health  including the function of glands and organs. As you can see healthy cells are soft and free floating and unhealthy cells are hard and stuck together.

Poor diet, chemicals in foods and the environment and stress factors over time can build a hard coating around the cells causing high risk for bad bacteria to feed off toxins. When cells are in this state it can lead to common health problems such as weight gain, low energy, digestive issues, nutrition deficiency and low immunity.

Our program is designed to address this problem by successfully achieving the following benefits:

  • A detoxification of harmful toxins in the cells.
  • Increased energy levels and the feeling of wellbeing.
  • Decreased cellular inflammation assisting weight control.
  • Neutralised free radical damage decreasing risk to disease.
  • Maximisation of the absorption and utilisation of nutritional food.

Our inside out approach is designed to give you long and sustainable wellness and vitality!



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