The Importance of taking the Holistic Health Approach

Regardless of the fact that medicine has advanced a lot in the past few decades, the truth is that modern medicine doesn’t have the answer to many diseases. Sometimes it looks like the pharmaceutical industry is introducing more and more new drugs on the market but people are still sick or maybe even sicker than before. That’s why many people question and review current healing methods. In this process of finding new methods we are witnessing a revival of some old/forgotten ways of treating certain diseases. The development of medical specialties and sub-specialties led medical science to the level of DNA molecules, but we are witnessing complete loss or negligence of the human wholeness or the holistic approach.

The holistic health approach is actually a type of philosophy that takes into account whole human health not just individual parts. We often forget that the human body is not a mechanism of complex parts that operate on their own, but a whole that works on the principle of mutual and harmonious coexistence. Modern medicine tries to heal the individual instead of healing the disease. This is why the same therapy works for one individual but it is completely useless for another. Luckily in the past decade a lot of doctors have recognized the benefits of the holistic healing approach and they are trying to implement parts of it in their practice. However, the best way to feel these benefits is by choosing a health package and training package by a dedicated holistic personal trainer.

The most important thing is to understand that although the term used for these sessions is “treatment” (holistic treatment to be more precise) this is viewed more as a health approach rather than a treatment. These treatments are recommended for people that have specific lifestyle (stressful days) like executives for example. They are under a lot of pressure, the stress grows inside of them and this usually results in some medical condition. The holistic health approach concentrates on the individual’s whole being – emotional, physical and mental wellness. So what can you expect from these holistic treatments? First of all, you should expect better general health because as we have mentioned before this approach is focused on the person’s whole being. Those who undertake holistic treatments can also expect faster and better relief from pain, they will also learn more about how they can change their lifestyle without affecting their productivity and find out more about some natural methods that can change their life like exercising, nutrition, detoxification and other natural methods. Besides the physical aspect of human health, holistic treatments deal with the mental aspect too by providing spiritual counseling, stress relieve sessions, classes dedicated to dealing with anxiety and depression etc.

Shareen is an experienced holistic personal trainer in Sydney who has already helped dozens of executives who live in the Lower North Shore in their pursuit for a stress-free life. PurelyFIT is currently offering 4 packages that cover different areas of human health and they run from 6 weeks to three months. Feel free to consult with Shareen before choosing your personal training and health program as she can make an evaluation and advise you which package would suit your needs best.



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