Avoid These 5 Mistakes & Live In the Body of Your Dreams


You can’t escape it, it’s everywhere! Lose weight, get fit, magic pills, fancy diets, protein shakes. We are living in a time where there is so much information on how to lose weight in the quickest ways, endless protein shakes to help burn fat, and many ways on how to get the 6 pack of your dreams. There are so many different tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts, that it can all become confusing and overwhelming.

  1. I need to be on a “high protein diet” to lose weight.

Are you eating everything and anything that is high in protein in the hope that it will help you lose weight? When there is a deluge of information causing confusion, the risks of not having a balanced nutrition is increased which only impacts your overall health in the long term, despite seeing a very short term weight reduction on the scales:

  • You have hit a weight loss plateau and can’t seem to shift the weight. Everyone hits a plateau, the question is how are you going to break that? When you hit a wall, change is necessary, look at the big picture and understand your options.
  • Suffering from digestive issues, feeling low on energy and getting headaches on a regular basis. Question it, why are you feeling this way? What is causing it?! If you aren’t feeling amazing, there is something calling for your attention.
  • Spending a lot of money on “protein” options but not seeing any real changes in the body. Protein is only one source of the food group, pay attention to other important sources which may be missing.

TIP: Eat a balanced combination of protein, good fats and low GI carbs. Natural is always best, think of foods that were hunted, picked off a tree and dug out of a ground. Try and reduce or eliminate packaged and processed foods and to a little secret of mine is to shop on the outer isles of the supermarket where you will find fresh foods.


  1. I need to exercise like a machine everyday to lose weight.

There is nothing worse than smashing it out in the gym, sweating like crazy where your heart feels like it’s going to pop out of your chest, yet you see no daily improvement on the scales! How can you achieve the best possible results when don’t have a clear mapped out plan to success;

  • Feeling physically sore, mentally drained and starting to lose motivation will only hinder your results. Listen to the messages your body is sending you. Understand “your” body and it will respond when you treat it with love and care.
  • Everyone around you is losing weight, except you and you question what you could be doing differently. Every “body” is different. Open yourself up to more knowledge and options to help “your” body achieve the best possible results.

TIP: Taking the holistic approach and addressing the 3 key aspects of health; exercise, nutrition and optimal cell quality is the simple secret to weight loss and optimal health.


  1. I have to deprive myself of the foods I enjoy to lose weight.

Often people have a vivid imagination about how life would be if they chose to take the “healthy” road. The biggest fear is missing out on social events, not being able to enjoy a glass of wine or two, having to explain to friends and family about the “diet” you are on and having to deal with people’s negative reactions.

  • Being lean and being healthy inside out is a life long journey which requires daily action through good choices. Learn about foods and how they impact your body and make healthier choices. It all starts with you!
  • Make a “healthy lifestyle” change rather than putting yourself on a “diet” for some time and then reverting back to old habits. Invest in yourself now or pay doctors bills later.

TIP: Adopt the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy nutrient packed meals 80% of your week and for the remaining 20% you can have whatever you like weather it is a glass or wine (or two), or that calorie fuelled burger and chips. Create a healthy balance that you can enjoy for life!


  1. Unnatural Protein “products” including shakes and bars will help me lose weight and make me look like the models and celebrities on the packaging.

We can all agree that we are in a time where we are saturated with protein shake and protein bar ads, whether it is on TV, in a magazine, at the gym, on a bus and of course through a friend or family member talking about a protein shake/ bar diet that is helping them achieve amazing weight loss results. But is it really helping you achieve sustainable weight loss for the long term or is it just another short term gimmick?

  • Protein shakes and protein bars have its place, they are great if you are on the go and can’t get to a healthy fresh meal, and they are the better option to other fast food snacks such as muffins and banana breads. Don’t make “fancy “packaged protein bars or shakes a part of your staple food items.
  • The thing most marketing companies fail to tell you is that most of these products are packed with synthetic chemicals. Synthetic chemicals cause toxicity in the body, slow down the metabolism and the weight loss factor and can also lead to other health implications over time. Be aware of what you are putting into your body, is it “good” for you or is it just another “nutrient deficient” hunger buster.

TIP: Research, learn and understand foods! Fresh foods should always be your number 1 food source. Always check labels and only ingest if you have heard of the ingredients.


  1. I need to eat every 2 hours to be in “fat burning” mode.

“Quick, I must eat now before my metabolism becomes like a slow moving coal train”! Sound familiar?

  • There are so many methods out there to help achieve a fast metabolism to assist with weight loss. Eat every 2 hour nutrition plans is ok on a short term basis to help “kick-start” the metabolism, however it is not recommended on a long term and every day basis. In this day and age with the busy lifestyles we live, this is not a practical and sustainable way of living either.
  • Studies suggest it takes on average 3 hours to properly digest and absorb the nutrient content of a proper size meal. Any less, is unnecessary and counterproductive for the body. Understand your body, pay attention and make choices that make sense for “you” and give you the results you desire.

TIP: 3 main meals per day consisting of a good protein source of choice, low GI carbs and good fats is sufficient with small healthy snack options in between if you are feeling hungry.


Please contact me at: purelyfitwithshareen@gmail.com to discuss your concerns and allow me to inform you about your options around weight loss, reducing stress, cell renewal and how to achieve an overall balanced body and a rejuvenated routine of end-to-end nourishment.




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