Personal Training Saves Lives

2014-08-20 20.25.29I received a call from a client expressing concerns about his health and we arranged a health consultation to discuss his concerns and requirements at PurelyFIT. When we started talking he said: “I am diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and on top of that I am extremely over weight and unhappy with myself.”

James was not able to exercise as he was also recovering from a motorcycle accident and fell into a rut of bad eating and spending most of his leisurely time locked away in his room, gaming online, which consequently led to weight gain, depression and eventually contributed significantly towards type 2 diabetes.

“According to James: I needed motivation and advice which is what led me to PurelyFIT’s personal training program after doing some research. It was equally and very important for me to fix both my overall health and lose weight at the same time.”

We started light personal training sessions due to James’s motorcycle injuries. Shortly after starting the program, James started to build up his muscle strength and so we re-assessed James’ form. After careful review, we modified his training program so that his strength and muscle gain could move up a few notches.

With our unique and holistic personal training approach, we completely cut James’ addictive ways of eating fast food, chips and chocolates and replaced it with a highly nutritional food regime, which was the most complex step in the process. We then used our specialised methodology to clean out the bad toxins, which had built up in James’s system over the years. The specialised cleansing methodology enabled proper hormone function, minimised bad food cravings and dramatically improved nutrient absorbtion.

“Through Shareen I was able to gain the necessary knowledge, motivation and accountability to gain the results I wanted. The detox program was incredible, just after two days, I noticed a difference in energy levels and I was actually jumping out of bed.”

In 16 Weeks, James had lost 26 kilos and has now completely reversed his type 2 diabetes, leaving him not only looking fantastic, but completely transformed, feeling like a new man, with a new sense of alpha optimism and endless possibilities in life. After all, James is only 27 years old with a bright future ahead of him.

“I have lost 26 kilos and reversed my type 2 Diabetes. This has given me a whole new playing field in terms of the amount of energy I have throughout the day with a tremendous boost in my confidence. Shareen’s support and the personal training program has also taught me to become more ambitious in life in general and I am now able to apply this discipline to everything else in my life which is just amazing.”




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