“Almost a month ago Shareen introduced me to a new way of life. I was caught in a lifestyle rut and I had really tried my best to get healthy and fit on my own but it didn’t work. Shareen made it possible with a few gentle supportive first steps by believing in me, showing me a way forward, making me feel comfortable and really hearing my needs. Since my first meeting with Shareen, I have not looked back – the program has been life changing. I immediately started to feel the change and saw instant results. I lost 7 kilos in in less than 14 days! Not only was I shown how to eat well but Shareen has made exercise enjoyable that I now have more energy and feel good to exercise and stay motivated. It is an easy program to follow because Shareen is more then just a Personal Trainer, she is inspiration. I always look forward to end of the week training with her.”

– Tania Smith-Naigulevu


“Firstly I needed a program to help me with my physical and mental vitality as was experiencing a high level of stress and burn-out. I was in a Business Unit Executive role which I loved, for a large global company in Australia and I unconsciously and consciously ignored bringing balance into my work and life. As a result, I lacked proper nutrition and exercise, despite not having any weight issues. In fact I lost weight which made me look gaunt and unhealthy.

I started The Reboot to Optimal Health program and within 2 weeks, I started to feel much better. My friends and family commented on my glow and were curious about what was going on. I knew immediately that this was the start to a great change in my way of living. I had been using other vitamins for at least 6 months and I experienced small spikes in energy for about an hour, then I felt completely deflated after that. I have been using PurelyFIT’s Program for about 3 months now and I feel great. I am no longer burnt out and I feel energised first thing in the morning and I get out of bed with a spring in my step ready for my home workout, designed by PurelyFIT, which keeps me mentally and physically strong to tackle a solid day’s work which primarily uses a lot of mental capacity and I feel strong during moments that count the most. The vitamins prescribed, coupled with a great diet and fresh juices only compliment my new lifestyle as an entrepreneur.

You get results. No “BS” programs promising the world with little results. You are left with no uncertainly about where to start and how to tackle and implement the program. PurelyFIT talk the talk and walk the walk and are 100% consultative in their approach. Most programs do not offer this approach. The program is flexible based on your needs and there is no pressure or hidden agendas. Shareen is honest, transparent and she truly wants to see you get the results you are looking for. I would highly recommend her services. For me, it was a game changer!”

– Avril Brikkels


“Before I began The Reboot to Optimal Health program, I had tried many ways to lose weight and get healthy. I was feeling weak, overweight, with no control of my diabetes and finding it real hard to keep up with my 4 year old and just daily life. Since being on the program, I have so far lost 14 kilos after only 8 weeks. I am actually able to get up in the morning, cook breakfast, prepare lunch and have everything ready before 7am! The biggest difference has been my insulin intake. I used to take 100 units of insulin a day. Now I can survive with only 16 units. My BGLs have steadily been between 5.0 and 8.0 for the last 5 weeks! It’s just been such an amazing and life saving change. I feel that I am now taking care of my family making sure they are now eating healthier and being more active. My daughter is actually asking for “healthy snacks” instead of junk food. I have a new lease on life and my health. Thank you so much Shareen for not only allowing me the chance to live a healthier life but giving me a greater chance to watch my little girl grow up.”

Mary Vescio


“I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and on top of that I was extremely over weight and unhappy with my self. I needed someone to assist me with motivation and advice. I was impressed with what the “Vitality Kicker” program had to offer, because it was very important for me to fix my overall health not just lose weight.

Through Shareen I was able to gain the necessary knowledge, motivation and accountability to gain the results I wanted. The supplements recommended were incredible, just after two days I noticed a difference in energy levels and I was actually jumping out of bed. What I love about the supplements is that they come from organic farming, it’s all natural and in today’s society we need these supplements because the quality of food does not deliver the nutrients our bodies need daily.

I have lost 26 kilos and reversed my type 2 diabetes since I have started seeing Shareen and using the products recommended. On top of that it has given me a whole new playing field in terms of the amount of energy I have throughout the day, tremendous boost in confidence and most importantly the program has taught me to become more ambitious in life in general. I am able to apply the discipline I have learned to everything else in my life which is just amazing.

I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without the help of Shareen. She has truly been an inspiration and my mentor to adapt a healthy lifestyle. It is very rare to find someone who can instantly take you on board and genuinely care about your wellbeing and health.”

– James Bishara

“I would definitely recommend the 8 week Introductory to optimal Health” program  to anyone wanting to lose weight and improve their health. When I started the programme I definitely wasn’t expecting to lose over 5kgs in just 1.5weeks! I have also noticed that my skin has dramatically improved which is an added bonus!
I cant thank Shareen enough for introducing me to this amazing, easy to follow plan. I still have 6.5 weeks on the program and I am super excited to finally reach my goal weight which I have failed to achieve with 3 years of trying using fad diets through commercial advertising.”

Nina Bossi


“PurelyFIT has helped improve my life on so many levels; from engaging me in training sessions which have proven successful in weight loss and toning up, to boosting my self-confidence and belief in myself to overcome the challenges I face. The environment within training sessions is positive, enthusiastic, and free of judgement; I am pushed to do the best that I can, to succeed, and to ultimately see the amazing results. Shareen is an outstanding trainer, constantly motivating me and ensuring that I work hard to reach my goals and full potential. I strongly recommend PurelyFIT to anyone wanting to keep fit, lose weight, tone up, learn about healthy eating habits, and ultimately change your lifestyle. PurelyFIT has helped me so much, and I encourage anyone and everyone to become involved; see amazing results, feel good about yourself, and start to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle with PurelyFIT.”

Cassandra Seaman


”Working out with Shareen of PurelyFIT is both exhilarating and exhausting. It is great to have a trainer who listens to what you want to achieve and adjusts the workout for your best results. Her workouts are never boring because of the variety she has to offer. It will get your heart pumping and the feeling of achievement you get from the workout is exhilarating. Her expert advice and motivation will keep you honest about your training and results. The results will speak for themselves and I would not hesitate recommend PurelyFIT to anyone”.

Kerrie Taylor


“I have been with Shareen from PurelyFIT with Shareen for over 12 months now. It was the best move I have ever made, moving form a regular gym membership to only having personal training. Working out in a gym is good but I did not get the intensity and personal attention I get now with Shareen. The last 6 months have been particularly beneficial on the new program introduced by PurelyFIT which combines nutrition, supplements and fitness. I have been taking the supplements recommended and, although I was sceptical at first, I feel that they make a huge difference to how I feel, my energy levels have increased dramatically and and I feel fantastic in my general well-being. I have lost over 7 kilograms in the last 3 months alone. Not much you might think, but it is always harder to lose weight when you are older and I am almost 61! My jeans and other clothes are too big now, I can fit into clothes I have not worn for over 8 years and I can wear some styles of skinny jeans. I have even lost inches around my legs which I never expected. I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been and even go for a run on my own occasionally. All in all this is a great program and I recommend it to anyone who wants to feel, look and be better.”

– Teresa Bubear


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